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Dragon Valley Golf Club

Updated: 2016-01-11 11:13:45

Holes: 19
Designer: Schmidt-Curley Design Corporation
Tel: +86-0898-3886 8800 / 3886 8811
Fax: +86-0898-3886 8100
Email: Service@dragonvalleygolf.com
Website: www.dragonvalleygolf.com
Address: Nanding Zhongcun, Lizhigou, College Road, Sanya, Hainan
Traffic: 10 minute drive to Sanya Railway Station, 20 minute drive to Yalong Bay and Sanya Phoenix International Airport. 15 minute drive to the downtown.



The club is located in Nanding Village, Taindu Town, Sanya City, adjacent to College Road. It enjoys convenient transport options and a fantastic location just 10 minutes’ drive from Sanya’s downtown and 20 minutes from Yalong Bay.


The development of the course is in conformance with the development concepts and objectives of Sanya City and the Luobi Cave area, and also to the spirit of the “Luobi Cave Overall Plans”. The plan places a great emphasis on being “people oriented” and on sustainable development. The whole course is surrounded by green mountains, lakes and grasslands. The fairway design skillfully blends with the natural valleys and hills to create a sense of a journey through nature.


As well as providing a fantastic tourism experience, the club also aims to educate, particularly with regards to natural zoology, and was designed with Sanya’s rapid development into an international tourist city in mind, to be built into a new calling card and a landmark project for the city.