About Facts about Sanya

Boundary Island

Updated: 2017-08-01 11:00:33


Set in one of Hainan’s most breathtaking bays, this aptly named island marks the point where climate, geography and culture change from the south of the island to the north – as the mountainous south gives way to the flatter lands the north, the climate becomes more similar to that of Guangdong and the culture influence of the Li and Miao minorities becomes less pronounced and that of the Han more so.


Aside from the beautiful setting, Boundary Island is notable as having the first marine park in China, Dolphin Cove, visitors can experience close up sea creatures such as whale sharks, whales, dolphins and sea turtles. This is also the first place in China where these creatures are raised in a completely natural environment.


Activities available on the island include a range of water sports such as banana boats, semi-submarine trips and dolphin diving.


Boundary Island 分界洲岛
Telephone: 0898-3181 9999
Website: www.hnfjz.com
Address: Niuling Exit of Haikou-Sanya East Line Highway, Hainan 海南省海口-三亚东线高速公路牛岭出