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Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Tourism Zone

Updated: 2017-08-01 10:51:51


This tropical rainforest park lies in the bowl of a valley only accessible by a scenic 20 minute ride by electric buggy.


A series of well signposted trails and aerial walkways encircle the park allowing visitors to wander through the forest at their leisure (audio guides are available in five languages) alternatively knowledgeable guides are on hand for those who would like to learn more of flora and fauna of the valley.


Other activities available range from river gorge hiking to traditional music and dancing performances.


An open air restaurant with views over the central park area serves a buffet lunch of local dishes with a focus on the healthy and unique ingredients indigenous to this area.


Hainan Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone海南呀诺达雨林文化旅游区
Tel:+86-898-8388 3333
Website: http://www.yanoda.com/
Address: Baoting County, Hainan Province海南省保亭黎族苗族自治县


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