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Haitang Bay

haitang bay

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

Linchun Hill Forest Park

Linchun Park

Sanya's Icons

Luhuitou Park

The deer is actually a symbol for Sanya and the city is sometimes referred to as ‘Deer City’.
One of the most well known attractions in Sanya, the park is built around the romantic legend of a Li hunter chasing a deer.
When the deer had nowhere left to run, it turned its head to look at the hunter and transformed into a beautiful girl, and the hunter immediately fell in love wi..

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Covering an area of 50 square kilometres, the park is divided into six distinct areas comprised of lushly vegetated parkland, picturesque scenic spots and a series of temples.
The Guinness Book of Records recognises the park’s gold and jade Guanyin statue as being the largest gold and jade buddha statue in the world.
Most spectacular is the 108 meter high statue of Guanyin se..

West Island

west island An island that is popular for day trips is West Island which lies off the western edge of Sanya Bay, with an area of 2.67 square kilometres it is the second largest island in the waters around Hainan.

The island has a range of water sports on offer such as fishing, diving and water-skiing. The island’s restaurants serve delicious local seafood, or for refreshment simply relax in the s..

Tianyahaijiao Scenic Spot(The End of the Earth)

Known as ‘The End of the Earth’ this spot is widely, and incorrectly, thought to be the southernmost point on Hainan Island.
Set within a landscaped beach front park with views over the South China Sea this is a popular place for tourists who come to see the ocean and in particular the rocks that dot the beach which are inscribed with lines from famous poems.
The various rocks ..

Dongtian Park (Daxiaodongtian)

Dontian park
Originally established during the Southern Song dynasty (1187 AD), Dongtian Park is the most southern centre for Taoist culture in China.
It has been a major attraction for visitors to Hainan Island for 800 years.
The site incorporates fifty different scenic spots with beautiful beach front and mountain scenery as well as cultural and educational activities.
There is a res..

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

YLB Park_1
Set in the hillsides looking over the Yalong Bay Resort District, covering an area of 15 square kilometres, this is the first nationally protected park in Hainan.
The park is densely forested with tropical and sub-tropical vegetation. Footpaths and raised walkways wind through the trees, with lookout spots dotted along the way giving spectacular views of Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay and the su..

Sanya Orchid World

The park is home to some 3000 species of orchid; 300 of which are rare and previously wild species.
The park is comprised of eight scenic areas designated by the different types of orchid habitat: ground growing, tree growing, rock growing, valley growing orchids and so on.
By the exit is a souvenir shop selling a range of orchid related items manufactured by the park such as orc..

Yalong Bay International Rose Valley

rose Valley
Yalong Bay Rose Valley is home to an enormous number of flowers with exquisite beauty that steals the heart of many.
Yalong Bay Rose Valley spans about 2,755 acres of land containing nearly 1,500 species of roses and a wide range of flower species and tropical trees. Some of the main tropical plants that can be spotted here are sunflowers, bougainvillea, orchids, heliconia and fairy lil..

Wuzhizhou Island

wuzhizhou island
Just north of Yalong Bay lies Wuzhizhou Island, small and walkable with lush tropical vegetation, pure white sand beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters this is one of the most popular trips for visitors to Sanya.
The sea around the island is protected and so is a haven for all sorts of fish and has some of the best preserved coral in China. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water..


The Dadonghai beach is one of Sanya's most popular beaches and has a close proximity to the city.
Dadonghai Beach is one of the most popular tropical seaside holiday areas in Sanya. As the earliest developed tourist resort in the city, the 4-km-long Dadonghai Beach is just three kilometers from downtown and is easily accessible by bus or taxi.
Dadonghai has a lot to off..

Yalong Bay

yalong Bay
Yalong Bay is a major holiday destination in its own right, known throughout China for its beautiful 8 kilometre long beach and stunning scenery.
As well as boasting a number of 5-Star luxury resorts, Yalong Bay has a number of attractions for visitors including a range of water sports, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Park, Yalong Bay Rose Valley, golf courses and a wide choice beach front..

Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay, nown for its Coconut Tree Dream Corridor, is very popular with beach goers due its central location.
Sanya Bay is huge, a 22 kilometre crescent of beach stretching west from Phoenix Island. The beach is lined with coconut palms and the eastern end is landscaped with footpaths and gardens, public toilets, changing rooms and showers are set at regular intervals.