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Travelling Sanya

Drive Sanya

Sanya is a great city for driving. The traffic is generally light, the roads well-maintained and the scenery makes every kilometer a joy. To make it easy to plan your motoring holiday, the following places can comfortably be visited on one-day trips from Sanya by hire car. You can plan your itineraries based on how long you’ll be travelling and where you want to go.
Within each route we include a detailed description of each leg of the journey, along with scenic highlights.
Sanya City Center route
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Adventure Journeys

How to start your Sanya adventures? With its vast outback, lush forests, pristine marine environments and unique wildlife, Sanya offers many choices. Challenge yourself or enjoy soft beds and gourmet meals on more luxurious Sanya adventure tours.
Learn about Sanya's many adventure journeys, which range from water sports activities to challenging long-distance walks and picturesque sailing..

Coastal Journeys

With 258 kilometres long of coastline, Sanya is the perfect place for a coastal journey.
If you wish to have a private beachside experience, then head to the crescent-shaped, 7,000 meter long Yalong Bay beach.
Then Dadonghai Beach will help you soak in the local culture along with the sun and sand and it is also known for water activities. Sanya Bay is less commercial than Dadongh..

Bus & Bullet Train Travel

bus An extensive public transportation network and large number of taxis make Sanya an easy city to get around.
Public Buses
Sanya has an extensive public bus network serving both the city centre and the surrounding areas.
Passengers should pay the bus fare when boarding. Usually the exact fare should be put into the slot box beside the driver. Fares vary according to distance tra..

Nature Discovery

The southernmost part of China has beaches, forests, wildlife and good food. What else do you need?
Sanya has become a popular vacation destination because of its greenery, tropical weather and clean air. While Sanya draws tourists with its beaches, other attractions such as trails for hiking and biking, nature reserves and cultural parks mean that Hainan's tourism scene has a respec..

Hot Spring Discovery

Hot spring and spa visits are always a good choice for a relaxing vacation or a weekend getaway especially good for families during holidays.
Hot springs have the capacity to balance and harmonize our body and mind quite naturally.
1.  Sanya’s Pearl River Nantian Hotspring Resort (三亚珠江南田温泉度假区)
Sanya’s Pearl River Nantian Hotspring Resort (三亚珠江南田温泉度假区), a getaway just around the co..

Ethnic Discovery

Miao One of the most fascinating aspects of Hainan Island is the minority peoples, the original inhabitants who have lived here, relatively undisturbed, for thousands of years. Their culture, customs and way of life remain largely intact especially if you venture into the mountainous heartland of the island.
The Li
The largest of the ethnic minorities on Hainan Island. They have a distincti..