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Sanya’s 800 years South Mosque in Huixin revamped, mass celebration

Updated: 2017-02-03 13:46:26


Reconstruction work on the Sanya South Mosque in Huixin Village in Sanya’s Tianya District has been completed, with a ceremony to mark the occasion that was held on February 1st, 2017.


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Work on the project began in December 2013 and finished in January 2017. The project cost nearly RMB 40 million, and was funded by Muslims across the country, social communities, and other organizations.



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The Sanya South Mosque covers a total land area of 3507.19 square meters. Its architecture is a mix of classic Arabic and traditional Chinese.




The project is divided into two phases. The first phase project includes a pray hall and other supporting facilities which cover a construction area of 4,450 square meters. The prayer hall of Sanya South Mosque, which was put into use on January 26th, 2017, can accommodate over 3,000 daily prayers.




The Sanya South Mosque has a history of more than 800 years, making it one of the oldest mosques in Sanya. As described in historical records, the Sanya South Mosque was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (which lasted from 1966 to 1976), and underwent a major renovation on the original site in 1978. It was listed as a key mosque by the China Muslim Association in 1956.