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Go Hainanese at Qiongzhong Kitchen, Palace Resort Yalong Bay

Updated: 2017-09-25 12:30:37

There are numerous luxury hotels in Sanya where one can enjoy authentic Hainanese signature dishes. The chefs at Sanya’s top Hainanese eateries pick fresh, seasonal fare from local vendors. Diners at these establishments can enjoy an array of delightful Hainan food. The restaurants help make Sanya a popular tourism destination internationally and in China. Among all of Sanya’s outstanding Hainanese restaurants, the Qiongzhong Kitchen at the Palace Resort Yalong Bay is one of the best.




At the Qiongzhong Kitchen, the Master Hainanese Chef Xing Tao and his culinary team present menus that delight guests — both with authentic Hainan-style dishes and with Chef Sing Tao’s signature creations.




Chef Xing Tao is a native Hainanese with years of culinary experience in Hainanese cooking.


Traditional Hainanese cuisine emphasizes freshness of materials, and takes on a lighter and more mildly seasoned approach than some of the island province’s more culinarily bold neighbors. The Qiongzhong Kitchen follows that Hainanese tradition: dishes are made from the finest local ingredients, and cooked in an authentic Hainanese style.


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The Qiongzhong Kitchen delights not just with its exquisite fare but also with its comfortable dining environment. The restaurant is located on the bank of Longtan Lake. The setting is inspired by local ethnic cultures. The layout is spacious, the ambiance is pleasant, and guests can enjoy views of Longtan Lake while savoring delicious dishes prepared by a talented team against the tropical backdrop of beautiful Hainan Island.




Qiongzhong Kitchen 琼中小厨
Business hour: 18:00–21:30
Reservation Hotline: +86-898-88718888 ext. 4041
Address: On the bank of Longtan Lake, Palace Resort Yalong Bay, Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya City, Hainan Province 三亚市亚龙湾国家旅游度假区亚龙湾迎宾馆龙潭湖畔