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Hainan's 1st 3D water stage play to perform at Atlantis Sanya

Updated: 2019-01-29 16:53:59

For fun for both grown-ups and kids, Atlantis Sanya is a top resort where you can find a variety of entertainment options in a luxurious hotel setting.


On January 27th, 2019, the hotel staged a grand carnival at its Aquaventure Waterpark, featuring a plethora of fantastic and creative entertainment options that amazed kids and adults.



Visitors to the Aquaventure Waterpark were treated to a variety of carnival shows, including float parades, fire dances, a Samba dance, and water bowl and mermaid performances. If you’re a surfing enthusiast, the Waterpark Surf Rider is one of the most exciting activities on offer.


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Mr. Shang Lin, member of the CPC of the Sanya Municipal Committee and Director of the Sanya Municipal Publicity Department, gave a talk at the opening ceremony in which he said that the completion of Atlantis Sanya marked a milestone in the upgrade of Sanya’s tourism industry (known as “version 3.0”). He also described the resort as a pioneer in the region’s cultural and tourism industry. As the first large-scale water park in China that is open all year round, Aquaventure Waterpark provides outstanding water-themed tourism services for families and friends.


On the day of the opening ceremony, the carnival also featured Hainan’s first 3D water stage play, held at the Dolphin Bay Theater at Atlantis Sanya.

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The play, called “The C Show,” is based on a mysterious ocean legend about love and courage. It features elements of comedy, adventure, and mythology.


The show is made possible by 58 professionals from 11 countries and regions with eight specialties working behind the curtains. The central water stage is the largest in the world, featuring a capacity of 7,000 square meters – the size of four Olympic swimming pools. The theater is equipped with a 15-meter-tall removable video LED-light wall. The display is capable of creating ever-changing backgrounds, immersing audiences in an enchanting ocean world.



Aquaventure Waterpark is a world-class waterpark, offering excitement for families and friends year-round. The park’s vast collection of fast-moving waterways and mysterious underwater rivers and tunnels is sure to excite visitors and get their adrenaline pumping. Spanning an astounding 200,000 square meters, Aquaventure is truly one of the most expansive and sensational resorts of its kind in the region. The waterpark offers guests unparalleled excitement and larger-than-life experiences. Guests can enjoy a multitude of different slides, and get up-close and personal with sharks and rays.


The Aquaventure Waterpark Carnival perfectly showcases the hotel as a one-stop integrated leisure and entertainment destination resort, while enhancing the brand influence of Sanya tourism and helping to build Hainan into an international tourist consumption center.


About Atlantis Sanya


Owned by Fosun International and managed by Kerzner International, Atlantis Sanya is China’s premiere underwater world inspired entertainment resort destination located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan province. This RMB11 billion ocean-themed development occupies a space of 540,000 square metres and has 1,314 guestrooms & suites. It features a variety of marine and entertainment attractions, including the 200,000-square metre Aquaventure Waterpark, 86,000 sea creatures in lagoons, and displays at The Lost Chambers Aquarium that use more than 13.5 million litres of sea water. It also has a 1,800-seater theatre at Dolphin Cay, state-of-the-art marine protection and conservation facilities, and a Sea Lion Point. The resort also offers a wide range of dining options with 21 restaurants, lounges, bars, and cafes. From 2016, Atlantis has won a number of awards including The Best Landmark Resort Brand awarded by City Traveler, Most Anticipated Resort in China awarded by World Traveler, Most Anticipated Hotel 2016-2017, High-End Hotel Selection & China Must Stay Hotels TOP50 awarded by Voyage, Best Anticipated Newly Opening Award of Best D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels awarded by The Bund and Most Anticipated New Hotel Opening by 21st Century Business Herald. The resort is also Selected as an outstanding and preferred travel project by China Tourism Bureau.


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