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Hainan’s highly rated rural tourism sites in Sanya

Updated: 2018-10-09 19:56:17

The Hainan government recently published a new list of provincial-level model tourism villages. The list now features 12 additional rural villages that previously didnt appear on the list. Two of them are located in Sanya.


The two new rural tourism model sites in Sanya are Bohou Village in Jiyang District, and West Island Fishing Village in Tianya District.


Bohou Village 博后村


village4 village5


West Island Community 西岛社区


village6 village8 village9


In recent years, Sanya has worked to build more model rural sites and popularize the natural charms of the rural attractions scattered across the city.


Currently, Sanya has a total of five provincial-level model tourism villages, namely, Zhongliao Village in Jiyang District, Beishan Village in Haitang District, Wenmen Village in Tianya District, Bohou Village in Jiyang District, and West Island Fishing Village in Tianya District.


Two villages in Sanya have also been named national civilized villages.Those villages are Zhongliao Village in Jiyang District and Beishan Village in Haitang District.  


Zhongliao Village 中廖村




Beishan Village 北山村




Wenmen Village 文门村


village3 village2


A range of rural attractions both new and old are located within the city’s boundaries. They feature picturesque natural scenery and well-kept cultural traditions. Sanya is diversifying its selection of agro-tourism products, including not only home stays but also well-designed trips to Sanya’s most unique rural sites.


National 4A Scenic Spot title goes to Haitang Bay Paddy Field Park




Sanyas Haitang Bay Paddy Field Park recently passed an assessment to officially become a National 4A Scenic Spot. The assessment was performed by the Hainan Evaluation Committee for Quality Grading of Scenic Spots on September 21st, 2018.


Haitang Bay Paddy Field Park is the largest agri-tourism park in Sanya.


Located near Wanpo Road, Linwang Township, Haitang District, the park serves as an important recreational complex that integrates sightseeing, scientific research, science education, environmental protection, and an open-air live show.


park2 park6


The park features a garden with flourishing rice paddies, a dinosaur boulevard with 323 life-sized dinosaur models, paddy-themed restaurants, and a flower garden.


park8 park7


The park is divided into two main sections. One includes renowned agricultural scientist Yuan Longping’s research center. Yuan is known for developing the worlds first hybrid rice breed in the 1970s and for his breakthroughs in developing genetic materials and technologies essential for growing high-yield hybrid rice breeds. The parks other section is home to the Nanfan Comprehensive Experimental Base, which is also an agricultural research center.


Since opening to the public in October 2017, the park has received over 30,000 tourists.


Sanya Haitang Bay Paddy Field Park

Telephone: 0898-38895599


Daytime: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nighttime: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Field Performance Carnival Time: 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Address: 800 meters to the right after taking the Linwang Exit on G98 Highway, Haitang District, Sanya / 三亚市海棠区G98高速林旺出口800米右侧