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2016 Hainan Expo to welcome the world with open arms

Updated: 2016-05-18 15:05:38

press conference


The 2nd Press Conference for the 2016 Hainan International Tourism Trade Expo (Hainan Expo) was held at the Sanya Beauty Crown Conference Center on March 8th.


The 2016 Hainan Expo will be held from March 26th to April 1st, 2016. The primary venues will be the Seven-star Commercial Plaza, Times Square, and the Grand Conference Center at the Sanya Beauty Crown. The Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex will be the secondary venue for the 2016 China Duty Free Group Trade Fair.


Sanya Beauty Crown

The 2016 Hainan Expo is jointly organized by the Hainan Provincial Commerce Department, the Municipal People’s Government of Sanya City, the Foreign Trade Development Bureau (Ministry of Commerce, P.R.China), and the Hainan Sub-council of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The Hainan Expo will take advantage of the island’s current development goals and the national strategy of “One Belt, One Road” to build the expo into a comprehensive and important business platform in the industry.


The slogan for the Hainan Expo is “Go Global! Think Hainan.”


The Hainan Expo includes three sections: meetings, exhibitions, and related activities. The meetings section will feature the China Duty Free Group Trade Fair, investment promotion conferences and the Projects Signing Ceremony.


Hosted by the China Duty Free Group, the China Duty Free Group Trade Fair features nearly 200 international brands and many domestic brands in more than 5,000 categories, covering tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, imported food, sunglasses, and home appliances, according to Zhao Feng, Vice President of the China Duty Free Group and Deputy Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee at the press conference.


The forums will include the Hainan International Tourism Island Business Summit Forum, the Innovation and Development Summit Forum on the Hainan Convention and Exhibition Industry, the Hainan Tourism Industry Investment Promotion Conference, the Hainan Tropical Agriculture Investment Promotion Conference, the Haikou High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Conference, the Sanya City Investment Promotion Conference, the Hainan E-commerce Development Forum and Investment Promotion Conference. The Hainan Expo will bring together governmental leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss topics concerning Hainan tourism, exhibition, e-commerce, agriculture, and science.


The exhibitions section includes Art De Vivre, Dolce Vita, an international food and hotel show, an international jewelry exhibition, the Hainan Real Estate Show, the Hainan Tourism Promotion Fair, and the Lifestyle Bazaar. A variety of art works and collections from artists and collectors from around the world will be on display at Art De Vivre. The works of art include paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and other images. The international classic car show will be unveiled at the same time.


Well-known lifestyle brands from France, Italy, Poland, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China that highlight high-end medical facilities, vintage refrigerators, drones, robots, electric cars, eco-friendly bicycles, jewelry, cosmetics, tea, and alcohol products will be featured at the Dolce Vita.


Food products and food-and-beverage supplies from dozens of globally renowned brands will be displayed at the International Food and Hotel Show, providing procurement and trading platforms for Hainan hotels.


Meanwhile, exhibitors from 19 cities and counties in Hainan, the Haikou High-tech Zone, and real estate developers across the country will display their tourism resources and real estate projects. A series of related activities, such as the classic car parade, folk performances, local and exotic foods, and souvenirs will be staged at Times Square, where visitors can experience the most that the Expo has to offer.


There are many highlights in the 2016 Hainan Expo program, for instance, “Reconstruction of Art History from the Perspective of Globalization and Diversification.” The Summit Art Forum has attracted many international artists, scholars, and curators from Britain, France, Australia and South Korea, including Richard Vine, Editor-in-Chief of “Art in America” magazine. In addition, a charity art auction will be held, the proceeds of which will be donated to people with disabilities.


Zhang Meng, who designed the logo of the Bo’ao Forum for Asia, created the logo for the Hainan Expo. The logo is a simple but international graphic that features marine elements combined with the features of the Hainan Bougainvillea. It is a combination of the abstract forms of sunshine, beach, and coconut trees.



Liu Yanfen, Vice President of the Sanya Beauty Crown Tourism Development Group, said, “As a leading sponsor for the Hainan Expo, the Sanya Beauty Crown Cluster embodies the theme of the Hainan Expo–‘High-end, Fashionable, Trendy and Stylish.’” The Beauty Crown Grand Theater has successfully held the finals for the Miss World pageant six times. The hotel features a record 6,668 hotel rooms.


“As one of the pilot areas for service trade innovation,” said Li Boqing, Deputy Mayor of Sanya, at the press conference. “Hainan will strive to promote the convention and exhibition industry. The Hainan Expo will help enhance the international fame of Sanya and boost investment promotion for Sanya. We will strive to develop the Hainan Expo into a professional, market-oriented, international brand that will contribute to Hainan’s positive image in three to five years.”