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Deals worth 238 million yuan made at 2017 Sanya Family Travel Products Sourcing Fair

Updated: 2017-07-31 14:14:57



On July 27th, 2017, the 2017 Sanya Family Travel Products Sourcing Fair was held at the InterContinental Sanya Resort. The sourcing fair aimed to serve as an exchange and cooperation platform between 60 local family travel service providers in Sanya and 20 domestic and overseas purchasers including professional family travel agencies, online travel agents, and family travel communities. The fair was an important part of the “2017 Sanya Island Family Carnival Month.”


Deals worth 238 million yuan were reached during the sourcing fair.


20170727215601 20170727215537 20170727215619 20170727215635 20170727215642, a Chinese business-to-consumer-based e-tourism website, released a report titled “Analysis of Sanya’s Family Tourism Market” during the sourcing fair.


The report pointed out that Sanya’s rich natural scenery and attractions draw in a large number of loyal visitors. According to data collected by’s Family Travel Department, the number of tourists who booked Sanya family travel products via their website accounted for 70 percent of their total family travel purchasers. And 72 percent of them paid visits to Sanya more than once; the repeat purchase rate was high.



Sanya’s total tourism revenue reached 32.24 billion yuan in 2016, and 1.9 billion yuan of that revenue came from customers of The report estimated that total revenue for Sanya’s family travel market would exceed 10 billion yuan in 2018.


“Sanya, one of China’s most popular tourist destinations, has transitioned its marketing efforts from prioritizing tourism to prioritizing products,” said Ms. Xiong Liang, editor-in-chief of the Family Travel in China Guidebook. “I believe that in the future, Sanya’s tourism products will attract more and more tourists.”


Mr. Huang Yaochen, from the Sanya W.O.W Club, a popular children’s club in the city, said that Sanya not only enjoys nice weather and a beautiful natural environment; it is also equipped with a range of child-friendly facilities including children’s playgrounds, children’s bookstores, and even unisex restrooms for families. All of these facilities help Sanya to provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment for family travel.


Sanya is the first city in China to dedicate itself to developing into a popular child-friendly tourism city. The city is making efforts to build more child-friendly facilities and introduce projects such as hospitals and schools in the community. More family tour products have been developed to cater to families’ various needs. Other than traditional sightseeing holidays, a new batch of family-oriented tourism projects focused on education and sports, such as Qingtang Village and educational training institutions, also added to Sanya’s diversity and vibrancy as a child-friendly tourism city.


In addition, over 50 starred hotels and scenic spots across the city provide kids club services, and more than 293 family-dedicated tourism offerings combined with accommodations and flights are on offer to enhance the attractiveness of Sanya as a family travel destination.