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Sanya booth draws big crowd at 2017 ITB Berlin

Updated: 2017-05-27 10:54:04



A Sanya delegation participated in the 2017 Berlin International Tourism Fair (ITB) from March 8th to 12th. A variety of tourism promotions are ongoing in Berlin; the promotions aim to attract worldwide attention.


Diverse tourism products



MICE events, weddings, and family holiday tour packages are among the major promotional products highlighted by the Sanya delegation at the fair.

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A series of promotional events such as a Chinese calligraphy show, picture and product exhibitions, characteristic performances, and on-site interactive displays were presented to lure overseas tour operators.


Multi-destination travel initiative

At the fair, Sanya introduced a multi-destination travel initiative, a joint partnership created by Thomas Cook, a comprehensive travel operator in the UK to German travel operators. The initiative targets the German market with the aim of attracting more leisure travel arrivals to Sanya.



Many German tourists are looking to Sanya as their holiday destination for its tropical climate and sunny beaches. However, the lack of direct flights has created a tourism bottleneck between the two regions.



Riding on this momentum, the Sanya delegation hopes that this new multi-destination initiative will persuade German travelers to get the maximum value for their travel to Sanya.


Meanwhile, the Sanya delegation also revealed that a multiple-destination air route operated by Hainan Airlines is expected to open within the year. The air route service linking Germany and Sanya aims to improve access to the German tourist market.


Regular participant of Berlin ITB

As growing tourist destinations around the world face intense competition for international tourists, Sanya came with high expectations and understood the benefits of acting as a regular participant of Berlin ITB for 11 consecutive years from 2007 to 2017.



“We are delighted to see that Sanya has seen an upward trend in international tourist numbers since 2016,” said Ye Kaizhong, Vice Director of Sanya Tourism Development Commission. “The overseas promotional campaigns we have undertaken to position Sanya as a major international tourist destination are beginning to show returns. Among outbound tourist arrivals, South Korea and Russia are the two largest tourist source markets.

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“We are also seeking to conduct more promotional campaigns in the European tourist source markets, such as Germany and Switzerland, to boost Sanya’s international appeal to more upmarket travelers,” Mr. Ye added.


New tourist-friendly infrastructure

In conjunction with the local travel industry, Sanya has also launched a number of new initiatives designed to increase visitor arrivals in the coming years, including the following:


– Sanya set up China’s first dedicated tourist police force to enhance visitor service satisfaction and promote a quality tourism environment.

– The local government has worked to construct 4-hour, 8-hour, and 12-hour tourism circles connecting the city to more regions, and to help develop Sanya into an international seaside tourist hub in the South China region.

– The Sanya government, Sanya Tourism Development Commission, and its travel trade partners have invested heavily in new infrastructure including new roads, railways, tourism industry regulation, and improving services to visitors.


According to statistics, the number of outbound tourists to Sanya in 2016 reached 448,900, a year-on-year increase of 25.31 percent.