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Award-winning photos: discover the beauty of Yazhou in Sanya

Updated: 2018-02-13 12:24:52

The organizing committee of the “Discover the Beauty of Yazhou” Photography Contest 2017 was pleased to announce the award-winning pieces from its photography contest held on February 2nd, 2018.


The photo contest had two categories: “Art” and “Documentary”. According to the organizing committee, 12 award-winning photos and 104 outstanding photos were chosen after a five-month-long selection process. The photos vividly showcased modern Yazhou’s wonderful natural landscapes, local customs, and social and economic development.




First Prize



Photo by Lu Xiubo 卢秀波


Second Prize


Photo by Xing Kongguang 邢孔光


Photo by Chen Lin 陈琳


Third Prize


Photo by Liu Renwei 刘人玮


Photo by Ji Xiaohui 吉晓慧


Photo by Meng Mingzhu 蒙明珠




First Prize



Photo by Liu Shiping 刘世平

Second Prize


Photo by Lin Yumei 林玉梅


Photo by Chen Wen 陈文

Third Prize


Photo by Wu Zhongqun 吴钟群


Photo by Cai linzheng 蔡林正


Photo by Wang Yinbang 王银榜

Organized by the Sanya Yazhou District Government, the photo contest aims to create an experience exchange platform for photography enthusiasts and to help people discover the natural and cultural beauty of Yazhou.