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4th Hainan windsurfing - Sanya WGP Challenge in Nov. 2017

Updated: 2017-06-30 11:21:12

The 4th Hainan International Tourism Island Windsurfing Grand Prix – Sanya Elite Challenge will be held once again in Sanya in November 2017.




The first edition of the Sanya Elite Challenge proved very successful. Held in November last year, the Sanya event attracted more than 100 competitors from 16 cities and regions including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The event also attracted a huge number of spectators.


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This year’s Hainan Windsurfing Grand Prix will be held at three locations in China including Harbin, Hainan’s Haikou, and Sanya in August and November, respectively.




Partly due to the region’s good wind conditions almost all year round, Hainan has previously held two windsurfing events. These events have help the region develop a solid base of spectators for future windsurfing events, while expanding Hainan’s reputation as the number-one windsurfing destination in China.


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