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Visit Sanya for the Third Int'l Martial Arts Festival in Dec

Updated: 2018-09-13 11:14:59

The annual Third Sanya International Martial Arts Festival will be held at the Sanya Sports Stadium from December 21st to 25th this year.




The five-day tournament will feature a variety of competitions, including a martial arts routine competition and a Taekwondo competition. The martial arts routine competition will consist of individual events, training form events, and group events. A large number of team and individual awards will be offered to the winners.




In order to create a better Wushu (martial arts) competition atmosphere, and to increase the influence of martial arts on the general public, a series of events will be planned for this year’s festival, including seminars on martial arts, group performances, a Kung Fu star meeting, elite Wushu champion performances, and fun city sightseeing activities.


The aim of the festival is to expand awareness of the discipline of Chinese martial arts and to allow new and experienced practitioners a platform for sharing their appreciation of and exchanging knowledge about Chinese martial arts.


Attendee registration is now open! Professional martial artists and enthusiasts are welcome to take part in the five-day competition and enjoy an event filled with interactive events and themed performances.


2018 Sanya Int’l Traditional Martial Arts Competition

Date: December 21st to 25th, 2018

Venue: Sanya Sports Stadium

WeChat ID: sanyaws

Tel: +86-13807588831