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Jiyang District

Updated: 2019-07-11 14:57:27


Jiyang District is a county-level district under the jurisdiction of Sanya city, in Hainan, a province of China. The district was established in 12 February 2014.


Administrative subdivisions


Jiyang District has jurisdiction over the former towns of:

• Hedong Sub-district
• Jiyang Town
• Nanxin Communal Farm


Sanya Jiyang District


Address: 483, Yingbin Road, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区483号

Tel: 0898-88710070

Website: jiyang.sanyazx.com


Places to visit in Jiyang District


Xiaodonghai Beach

Yalong Bay

Luhuitou Park

Linchun Forest Park

Phoenix Hill Park

Sanya Romance Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Yalong Bay International Rose Valley

Zhongliao Village



Sanya Serenity Marina

Sanya Visun Yacht Marina

Sanya Yalong Bay Yacht Marina


Shopping Malls

Summer Mall

Pineapple Shopping Center


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Medical Care

Sanya TCM Hospital

Sanya Central Hospital

People’s Hospital of Sanya


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Education in Jiyang District

The International School of Sanya

Sanya University

Hainan Tropical Ocean University


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Sanya sporting venues

Sanya Guoxing Sport Club 三亚国兴俱乐部
Sanya City Sports Center 三亚体育中心
Sanya Serenity Marina 三亚半山半岛帆船港
Yudao Badminton Gymnasium 羽道羽毛球馆
Ji Xuan Badminton Gymnasium 吉轩羽毛球馆
Lawn in front of Beer Factory 半山半岛户外草坪


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Sanya International Sports Industrial Park

Construction on the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park is underway at the Baopo Xincheng Area of Baopo Village in Jiyang District. The construction period will last for three years.


This project will serve as an innovative international sports industrial park, integrating sports, tourism, leisure, entertainment, rehabilitation, “lifestyle” facilities, business offices, and more.


The project will include a Sanya sports center, a sports-themed hotel, an electronic competition park, a stylish sports commercial street, a Rehabilitation Center of the Beijing Sports University, a Sports Science and Technology Park of the Beijing Sports University, a number of national sports training bases for Chinese national teams, as well as other supporting facilities.


Wetland parks 


Dong’an Wetland Park/东岸湿地公园

The Dong’an Wetland Park is located in Jiyang District, adjacent to Jinjiling and Fenghuang Road to the west and Sanya East River to the east. The wetland park covers an area of about 668,000 square meters, making it the largest freshwater wetland park in the city


Mangrove Tree Ecological Park/红树林生态公园

Located at the north of Hailuo Road, opposite the Sanya Tropical Orchard, the park focuses on the protection of the mangrove forests and biological diversity.


The wetland park development project is divided into five functional zones: a special conservation zone, a restoration zone, a scientific education zone, an urban utilization zone, and a comprehensive management zone.


Baopoxi Wetland Park/抱坡溪湿地公园

The Baopoxi Wetland Park is located at the Lizhigou Area, adjacent to Sanya Technician College to the east, Shibu Farm Road to the west, Hainan East-ring Expressway to the north and Lizhigou Road to the south. The project will have a planned land area of 287,000 square meters.


The wetland park is divided into four functional zones: an entrance service area, a fitness area, an ecological preserve area and a scenic landscape area. The park will be decorated with flowers and plants. Visitors are expected to enjoy different ecological landscapes in each zone.


Accommodations in Jiyang District

Aegean Jianguo Suites Resort Sanya 三亚爱琴建国套房度假酒店
Cactus Resort Sanya by Gloria 三亚凯莱仙人掌度假酒店
Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort 亚龙湾鸟巢度假村
Golden Palm Resort 三亚金棕榈度假酒店
Grand Metropark Resort Sanya 三亚维景国际度假酒店
Hilton Sanya Yalong Bay Resort 金茂三亚亚龙湾希尔顿大酒店
Horizon Resort & Spa, Sanya 三亚天域度假酒店
Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya 三亚亚龙湾华宇度假酒店
MGM Grand Sanya 三亚美高梅度假酒店
Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Villas & Resort 三亚亚龙湾铂尔曼别墅度假酒店
Palace Resort Yalong Bay 三亚亚龙湾华宇迎宾馆
Sheraton Sanya Resort 三亚亚龙湾喜来登度假酒店
The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay 金茂三亚亚龙湾丽思卡尔顿酒店
The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort 三亚龙湾瑞吉度假酒店
Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort 三亚亚龙湾红树林度假酒店
Yalong Bay Villas & Spa 亚龙湾五号度假别墅酒店
Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Yalong Bay 三亚亚龙湾假日度假酒店
Yalong Bay Golf Resort 三亚亚龙湾高尔夫球会
Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort 三亚太阳湾柏悦酒店


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