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Yazhou District

Updated: 2019-07-17 16:14:01


Yazhou District is a county-level district under the jurisdiction of Sanya city, in Hainan, a province of China. The district was established in 12 February 2014.


Administrative subdivisions

Yazhou District has jurisdiction over 24 villages, including Shuinan Village, Baoping Village, Ya’an Village, Beiling Village, Yacheng Village and more.


Yazhou District

Website: www.yacheng.sanyazx.com

Tel: +86-898-8884 0001


National Intangible Cultural Heritage Items


Yazhou Folk Song

The Yazhou folk song is a unique folk art in Sanya with a long history. It is a kind of Chinese ballad intonated in Hakka dialect in ancient Yazhou areas.


Yazhou folk songs purportedly arose during the Song Dynasty, and bloomed in the late Qing Dynasty. At the very beginning, only scholars sung the songs to express their feelings. Later, the art form spread among common people.


Most of the lyrics consist of seven characters. Lyrical themes include all aspects of social life, including humanity, history, landscape, production, and labor. There are more than one hundred known narrative long poems in the genre. Those songs make up the precious cultural relic known as Yazhou folk songs.


In 2006, the Yazhou folk song was included on the national-level intangible cultural heritage list.


Li Ethnic Minority’s Firewood-gathering Dance

The firewood-gathering dance is the representative folk dance of the Li Minority, called “Zhuancha” and “Taicha” in the Li language.


It originated from the Li funeral custom in ancient Yazhou Prefecture (today’s Sanya City of Hainan Province). It is a dance performed by ancient Li people. It was meant to protect a corpse after someone had died, to drive beasts away, to help someone get over a shock, or to worship ancestors.


On a patch of earth used for sun-drying grain or on a piece of level ground on a hillside, two square pieces of wood as thick as a man’s leg are placed in parallel at a specific interval to serve as supporting structures, and several long bamboo poles as thick as a man’s wrist are laid across them. “Pole holders” knock the poles on the supporting structure or other poles to produce rhythmic sounds called “firewood gathering.” A dancer or dancers jump into the poles, skip back and forth, squat, and imitate human beings’ working scenes or various animals’ actions and noises.


The Li Ethnic Minority’s Firewood Gathering Dance was included on the national-level intangible cultural heritage list in 2006.


Sanya Yazhou Sci-Tech City

Yazhou District will be developed into a new area in South China that is green, innovative, and livable, with relatively strong competitiveness in deep-sea and “Nanfan” agricultural tech industries.


The project site will cover an area of 26.14 square kilometers, starting from the Hainan West Line Railway in the east and stretching to the Yazhou Bay coastline in the west; and running from Gangkou Road in the south to the Ningyuan River in the north.


The district will consist of five functional zones, namely, a deep-sea tech cluster, a “Nanfan” agricultural tech cluster, a college town, Nanshan Port, and an integrated service zone.


The deep-sea tech cluster will rely on deep-sea marine tech industries such as the Marine Sci-Tech & Research Center to lure talent and carry out scientific research in marine industrial technological innovation.


The “Nanfan” agricultural tech cluster will rely on “Nanfan” agricultural high-tech industry to develop into a demonstration zone for the promotion of city-industry integration.


The college town will be home to a number of educational institutions dedicated to marine scientific education and research.


The scope of the plan also includes the construction of a slow-traffic sightseeing system that will allow visitors to appreciate the region from a different perspective, in harmony with the natural environment.


Six functional pubic parks, including Binhe Park, Binhai Park, Guanhai Park, Tonghai Park, Central Park, and Nanfan Park will be built in the region to maintain the balance between urbanization and nature.


Yazhou Central Fishing Port

Yazhou Central Fishing Port is located west of the Ningyuan River estuary, starting from the Baogang Village in the east and stretching to Yanzao River in the west. The port spans a length of 1,063 meters, offering 11 functional berths to accommodate 800 local fishing boats at the same time.


The port serves as a logistics center that provides seafood to markets and restaurants around the city. Large sea fish are sold in addition to squid, shellfish, and smaller fish. Adjacent to the Yazhou Port are various supporting facilities that store and process fish and produce ice blocks to be chipped and sold to dealers.


Accommodations in Yazhou District

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Places to visit in Yazhou District

Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Dongtian Park

Baoping Village / Shuinan Village

Yazhou Ancient City