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Updated: 2019-01-28 10:17:19



Xiaodonghai, only three kilometers outside the Sanya downtown area, is one of the popular tourist resorts in the city where nature is celebrated and privacy assured.


Located at the foot of the Luhuitou Peninsula, Xiaodonghai is the home of the city’s state-level coral reef natural reserves. It is an important shelter for colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, and undersea creatures.


It is also one of the best sites for diving in Sanya, where one can find nature preserved as it is in few places elsewhere. It has water visibility of six meters and is home to over 600 different aquatic species.


The ideal conditions at Xiaodonghai afford tourists year-round opportunities for water sports including swimming, snorkeling, guided boat tours, underwater photography, and cruising the waves in luxury yachts.


Xiaodonghai is an ideal place to soak up the sun and relax. The bay has become home to many artists who are inspired by their surroundings, and is a popular holiday resort for those seeking to enjoy its unique combination of peace, beautiful scenery, wonderful coastline, native bush, and marine life.


For a complete change of pace, visitors can immerse themselves in Sanya’s nature and culture with delightful dining experiences at the regional upscale hotel restaurants. It’s also a treat to check out the views at the specially constructed viewing areas, or to simply enjoy the many local walking trails.


Exploring Xiaodonghai is a mission in itself. Many tourists who come to the peninsula have only a few days to take in its almost limitless sights. Locals, and those with holiday homes, can explore the area at their leisure. The dazzling, soft sandy beaches and the pristine structures along the coastline make for a truly authentic and natural experience.


Five-star hotels in Xiaodonghai:


Anantara Sanya Resort三亚半山半岛安纳塔拉度假酒店



InterContinental Sanya Resort三亚半山半岛洲际度假酒店