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Hot Spring

Updated: 2017-08-21 10:48:23


Sanya offers a hot spring culture that is one of the best developed in China, with escapes for every price range and timeframe.


Many of these have had 5-star resorts built around them, due to their immense popularity for both relaxation and medicinal properties. There are also some hot springs, like the Little Fish  Hot Spring, which are more basic and are used by local people as a convenient place to wash.


Revive your senses at one of the hot spring resorts in Sanya:


1. Sanya Pearl River Nantian Hotspring Resort 三亚珠江南田温泉度假区


2. Haohanpo Gloria Hotspring Resort Nantian Sanya三亚南田温泉好汉坡凯莱国际度假酒店
Tel: +86 898 88817666
Add: Nantian Farm, Haitang Bay, Sanya. (Opposite to the Wuzhizhou Island, 19km from Yalong Bay) 三亚市海棠湾南田旅游城内


3. Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya Hotspring Resort 海棠湾9号
Tel: + 86 898 38888855
Website: www.gloriahotels.com/hbgsha
Add: No. 9 Haitang Bay, 301 Road, Haitang Bay Sanya三亚市海棠湾301路海棠湾9号


4. Sanya Xiaoyu Hotspring 三亚小鱼温泉

Tel: +86-898-8834 0000

Address: 11 Shuijiao Village, Fenghuang Area, Sanya 三亚市凤凰镇水蛟村11号