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Wedding Themes in Sanya

Updated: 2016-07-15 17:17:39


Sanya is an ideal location for weddings and honeymoons. The beaches, islands and wonderful minority cultures offer something unusual and exotic for the most important and romantic event of your life. From a sunset beach ceremony to a five star hotel reception, you can design the ceremony to your exactly specifications and personalize every detail of the day.


a. Villa




Sanya’s booming real estate market is encouraging investors to build enormous and beautiful villas along Sanya’s coastline. Many of these villas offer breathtaking sea views and are available for hire, and they make spectacular and luxurious venues for weddings. There’ll be no crowds or groups of beachgoers in swimsuits in the background of your videos and photos, but absolute privacy – just you and your partner with invited friends and family and high-quality catering.


b. Yacht




A range of sailing boats and luxury yachts are available in Sanya for couples who dream of getting married on water. This option is really only suitable for smaller wedding parties. Sanya’s islets and waters offer a superb backdrop for your ceremony, reception and photos.


c. Rainforest




Rainforest themed ceremonies invariably feature green as an integral part of the theme and decorations, to match the lush green rainforest surroundings. This setting is perfect for brides and grooms who love nature and are keen on a ceremony that reflects that.


There are various beautiful locations in and around Sanya that are perfect for your rainforest wedding ceremony including the Yalong Bay Tropical Rainforest Park, Yanoda and Mt. Qixianling in Baoting.


The wonderful local wildlife, such as the beautiful butterflies and sweet song-birds, are sure to make the celebrations even more magical.


d. Underwater




Sanya’s waters are teeming with coral reefs and sea life – making them a true national treasure and magnificent natural wonder. There are a large number of popular diving spots throughout the waters surrounding Sanya, and the turquoise waters are rich with fauna and marine life protected under the region’s conservation laws.


For a completely unique experience, why not tie the knot amidst billowing sea anemones, colorful underwater blooms and curious marine wildlife. Certified scuba divers can choose from a number of wedding packages off a number of dive boats based at different locations around Sanya.


e. Cruise



With the increasing number of international cruise liners home porting in Sanya, Sanya is becoming an increasingly popular destination for couples who want to marry during a cruise.


Many major cruise liners offer wedding services and wedding packages for a wide range of budgets that are perfect for all kinds of couples.


f. Traditional Li




For those couples who love the rituals of Hainan’s ethnic minorities, or simply want to experience a little of the local ethnic culture and traditions of Hainan, a traditional Li-style wedding is guaranteed to create unforgettable memories.


g. Beach




Sanya has many beautiful beaches and a profusion of breathtaking scenery. A wedding on the powdery sands of the beautiful coastline is the perfect start to an eternal commitment.


h. Chapel




In Sanya, several luxury hotels including Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa in Yalong Bay, Sanya Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay and Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya offer their own private chapels for wedding ceremonies. These weddings are great for those who want to have an informal religious wedding, usually with their relatives and friends in attendance, in the wonderful exotic location of Sanya.


For couples who would prefer a more formal church environment, the Christian church located on the Xinmin Street, Hongsha Town, Sanya is well worth considering.


i. Sea-islet




Sanya boasts many isolated sea-islets such as Wuzhizhou Islet, Coconut Island, Boundary Islet and West Islet, which offer extremely romantic and picturesque wedding settings.


Imagine arriving at a beautiful island with flowers decorating the sand, before you and your partner walk barefoot along the beach and exchange your vows as the waves gently lap at the shore. There couldn’t be a more special or romantic way to exchange your vows, and it’s the perfect way to do so with just you and your partner present, or perhaps with just a few very special guests.