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10th China Rendez-Vous successfully concluded in Sanya

Updated: 2019-12-17 13:33:37

The 10th annual China Rendez-Vous event, the annual yacht, aviation, luxury goods, and lifestyle exhibition, successfully concluded at Times Coast in Sanya on December 16th, 2019.




China Rendez-Vous was founded in 2010 by Visun Group. Over the event’s past ten years, China Rendez-Vous has worked with many internationally recognized brands in the following fields: yachts, aviation, super cars, fine jewelry, fashion, and art. The expo works to interpret the concept of a contemporary quality life.


Yachts, Aviation, Luxury Cars: Premier Lifestyle


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Due in part to the event’s strong public appeal and influence, this year’s China Rendez-Vous attracted a number of world-famous luxury yacht brands from Italy, France, Germany, and other countries and regions. Those brands included Ferretti, Beneteau, Sessa, Prestige, Lagoon, Monterey, Monte Carlo Yachts, Hanse, Dufour, and Leopard Catamarans, along with local brands Jinlong and Jetpon. In addition, for the first time, the expo featured a Brokerage Boat Exhibition Area, where nearly 20 used yachts were on display.




According to statistics, at present, 95 percent of the world’s top luxury yacht brands have established outlets, offices, or branches in Sanya


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In addition to the luxury yachts on display, imported small-wake boats and jet boats by brands such as Nautique, Malibu, and SCARAB also attracted public attention. The emergence of these small boats, which feature strong functionality and entertainment options, also indicate trends in the Chinese yacht market.




Luxury car brands including Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Maserati also presented their latest models at the show. Domestic business jet brands in attendance included Sichuan Xiangyun General Aviation Co., Ltd., and Yalong General Aviation Co., Ltd.


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The exhibition also brought together Chinese premier classic luxury brands. The red sandalwood artwork collection from the China Red Sandalwood Museum debuted at the exhibition. Chu Nv Zi, a luxury brand dedicated to promoting filigree artwork — a Chinese intangible culture heritage item — also exhibited their masterpieces on-site.


Innovative events showing off the diversity and richness of China Rendez-Vous


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The 2019 China Rendez-Vous event featured a Miss World fashion show onsite. The popular “Exhibitors’ Night” was also upgraded for the first time to an “Onsea Canival” that featured more live shows, including live bands and a drone light show. The newly launched Boat Music Bar also created a great outlet where guests could enjoy drinks on the water.




China Rendez-Vous also cooperated with online streaming platforms to allow the public to visit the show, or order yachts online. Also, Visun Group (organizer of China Rendez-Vous) and Alibaba Group’s Xianyu App, signed a memorandum of intended cooperation for 2020, which stated that the two groups will explore possibilities in revolutionary online yacht business models.




A forum themed around yacht tourism exchange in Hainan, Hong Kong, and Macao was held during the event. Representatives and experts from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore gathered in Sanya to talk about the effectiveness of the “Hainan-Hong Kong-Macao Free Transit of Yachts” policy in promoting yacht tourism spending.


At the forum, Sanya Yacht Service Co., Ltd., together with the Nam Kwong Group Company Limited and OceanGoGo (Hong Kong) Company Limited, signed a framework cooperation agreement on promoting Hainan-Macau Yacht individual travel.




During the opening ceremony of the 10th China Rendez-Vous event, on December 13th, 2019, officials held two major events: a press conference held by the Master of the Cruise Yacht Design Project at Milan Polytechnic University and Qingshang Cruise Yacht; and an exclusive cooperative licensing ceremony for Visun Hainan. The aim of the two events was to promote the independent design and development of China’s yacht industry.


China Rendez-Vous, Where Art and Charity Meet


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China Rendez-Vous has always been committed to putting more emphasis on charity and contributions to society while promoting high-end lifestyles. A charity auction event was held at the King’s Feast Art Gala. Since 2017, the King’s Feast has raised funds through charity auctions, donating to children with cerebral palsy through the Sanya Social Welfare Institute for three consecutive years, and promoting positive social energy.




The annual China Rendez-Vous event has become a major part of Sanya’s identity and an exchange platform between Hainan and other countries and regions throughout the world. Meanwhile, the annual high-end lifestyle exhibition plays an important role in Sanya’s MICE industry, tourism industry, real estate sector, and yacht industry. In the future, China Rendez-Vous will continue to actively promote marine culture, yacht leisure spending, and fashion, with the aim of further boosting Hainan as an international free trade zone (port) and an international tourism consumption center.