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8th Round Hainan Regatta kicks off, will last till March 25th

Updated: 2019-03-22 14:23:29



The Serenity Coast 8th Round Hainan Regatta 2017 (The RHN Regatta) kicked off in Sanya on March 17th and will last till March 25th in the seas around Hainan Island.


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60 sailing teams from home and abroad are participating in the 9-day race, which stretches over 820 nautical miles.


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The start and finish lines are in Sanya, with Haikou and Wanning acting as stopover cities. The weeklong sailing race features in-port series and offshore legs.


The regatta is open to IRC Classes (IRC1, IRC2, IRC3, IRC4, IRC5, and IRC6), the OP Class, and the J80 One-Design Class. The top three overall winners in each of three classes — the IRC1 Class, IRC2 Class, and IRC3 Class — will receive trophies and prize money of RMB 50,000, RMB 30,000 and RMB 20,000, respectively.


During the past seven years, the RHN Regatta has demonstrated remarkable achievements and made positive, profound and lasting impact on the sport of sailing, not only in its home country, China, but also worldwide. The RHN Regatta is by far the multiple-day endurance sailing race with the longest route in China and one of the most competitive. The event is considered by the world’s leading media organizations as the top offshore race in China.


For further information, please contact the Organizing Committee:
Tel: +86-898-6629-9862
+86-131 3890 3332
Address: 4th Floor of Hainan Sports Office Building, 1 Nandujiang Rd, Haikou, Hainan Province


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