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Ethiopian Runners achieve a clean sweep on 2017 Run Sanya

Updated: 2017-02-27 14:06:42

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Ethiopia’s Belachew Endale Abayneh clocked 02:14:53 to win the men’s title of the 2017 Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon on Sunday, and Ethiopia’s Webalem Basaznew Ayele clinched the women’s title with 02:35:06.


men title women

Men’s top 3:
Belachew Endale Abayneh (02:14:53)
Mohammed Temam Husien (02:14:57)
Wolde Botoru Tsegaye (02:15:01)


men title

Women’s top 3:
Webalem Basaznew Ayele (02:35:06)
Awelework Fikadu Bosho (02:34:44)
Su Xueting (02:45:30)



Chinese runner Yang Le won the champion of men’s half race with 01:05:40 and Wang Xueqin won the champion of women’s half race with 01:13:14.


19,567 runners from 20 different countries and regions, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Indonesia, and Italy, participated in this grand sports event in Sanya.


The event included the full marathon (42.195km), the half marathon (21.0975km), and the mini marathon (5km). There were 4,567 runners registered for the full race, 5,000 for the half race, and 10,000 for the mini race.


Full marathon race route (42.195 km)


Sanya Library(starting point)/三亚市图书馆(起点、逆向)→ Fenghuang Road/凤凰路 (逆向)→ Haiyu West-line Expressway/海榆(西)线 → Tianya Haijiao (turning point)/天涯海角(折返)→ Haiyu West-line Expressway/海榆(西)线→ Yuhai Road/御海路→ Sanya Bay Road/三亚湾路 → Haihong Road/海虹路→ Xincheng Dong Road/新城东路(逆向)→ Yu Hai Guo Ji(turning point)/玉海国际(折返)→Xincheng Dong Road/新城东路(逆向)→ Haihong Road/海虹路→ Sanya Bay Road/三亚湾路→ Haiyue Square(end)/海月广场(终点)


More photos of the day:


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