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Be in the heat of World Cup 2018 at Sheraton Sanya Resort

Updated: 2018-05-31 14:33:38

The ‘FIFA World Cup’ is the world’s biggest football competition and the 2018 World Cup is to be held in Russia this summer with another action packed tournament. To celebrate this biggest sporting event in world football, Sheraton Sanya Resort is ready to shock you with tempting offers!


Champion Road – World Cup Gourmet Tour




Starter: Beef Borsch

Main Course: Russian beef stewed

Dessert: Russian milk cake




Starter: Clam chowder

Main Course: Crispy Fried porkchop with pickled cucumber and sauerkraut

Dessert: Caramel Pudding




Starter: Tuna salad

Main Course: Spanish paella

Dessert: Deep-Fried DoughSticks with hot chocolate



RMB 198 / Per set


Two set for RMB 358


Afternoon Tea – Crazy Green Field 


11 types with 22 options

Exclusive amount of afternoon tea opetions





RMB218 / Per set


Time: 12:30-17:00

Valid date: 2018.6.14-7.16


World Cup Promotion – Beer Package


World Cup live in Palm Court

12m² LED screen is availble





Scored Twice 238 / Per set

Hat-Trick 458 / Per set

Time: 09:00 -24:00

Valid date: 2018.6.14-7.16


Join now to the World Cup Festival in Sheraton Sanya.

To experience a different Sheraton.

And to discover a unique Sanya.


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