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JW Marriott Hotel Sanya Dadonghai Bay's Man Ho unveils new signature dishes

Updated: 2019-09-06 10:59:47



JW Marriott Hotel Sanya Dadonghai Bay’s premiere Chinese restaurant, Man Ho, is offering diners a culinary journey through time, with Cantonese dishes that have been cultivated and refined from one generation to another.


8 Man Ho Signature Dishes Presented






Fresh Abalone Stewed with Oyster Sauce


The culinary team selects the best 6-head 9-hole fresh abalones from Dalian, braise with ham, chicken, conpoy, pork and chick feet for 3 hours, then serve in a special oyster sauce made with the abalone broth. This dish is considered one of the best in Cantonese cuisine.





Double-boiled Fish Maw Soup with Ham


This soup is made of fish maw, one of the eight sea treasures, and the best parts of ham, slowly cooking for hours to bring out high-quality collagen protein that will fill your mouth with fragrance and make your body rejuvenated.





Fried Prawn with Truffle Sauce


Every year when the black truffle season comes, chefs will purchase and select the best black truffle to make the exclusive handmade truffle sauce for the whole year’s use. A perfect match would be fresh king prawns pan-fried with olive oil and paired with truffle sauce.





Baked Cod Fish on Hot Stone


Codfish is full of protein, vitamins and nutrients,  a true present from the ocean. After marinating in special sauce, the fish is baked with shallots and onion on top of lava stones in the oven and comes out a dish that will make your mouth watering.





Honey-glazed Premium Barbecue Pork


Premium cuts of pork from the best breed are selected and soaked in exclusive marinating sauce, brushed with Marriott honey then roasted carefully, creating a dish that fuses saltiness and sweetness perfectly together.





Signature Braised Snowdragon Beef


Australian snowflake beef gets pan-seared with olive oil, then placed into a clay pot with chicken broth and spices, slowly cooked for 4 hours till the meat is so tender that it melts in your mouth.





Man Ho Special Crispy Chicken


It takes great patience to make this featured chicken dish with the skin as crisp as glass. Timing is crucial according to the different sizes of the bird. When cooking, high oil temperature helps lock in all the juice and breaks down the fat underneath the skin.





Crispy Fried Fish with Vinegar Sauce


The culinary team chooses only the yellow croaker weighing at 150 grams each from Zhoushan Island to make this special dish. The small fish is at a perfect size for marinating and frying, making it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Dipping sauce is  served as 5 kinds of Chinese aged dark vinegar from different areas.


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