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Silk Road Initiative, Hainan delegation on visit to Uzbekistan

Updated: 2018-03-15 17:06:38

On March 12th, 2018, the Hainan tourism delegation hosted a tourism promotional event in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This was the first time that the Hainan delegation launched tourism promotion in Uzbekistan.




Nearly 50 guests, including Zhou Anwei, General Planner of the Hainan Tourism Development Commission, Ye Kaizhong, Deputy Director of the Sanya Tourism Development Commission, Mirzarahimov Abdugani, Director of the Uzbekistan Tourism Administration and Abdullof Gofurov, an expert for studies at the Uzbekistan Ministry on Foreign Relations, representatives from local travel agencies, and media organizations in Uzbekistan attended the event.




Representatives from the Hainan tourism delegation respectively introduced the tourism market of Hainan and Sanya to all the attendees. Promotional videos about Hainan and Sanya were displayed during the meeting.




Representative from the Uzbekistan Tourism Administration gave a speech at the event. They welcomed the Hainan tourism delegation and spoke highly of the efforts that Sanya has made in the international tourist source market.




On March 13th, the Hainan delegation also conducted a seminar with Uzbekistan Tourism Administration and Uzbekistan Airways. Shakhrukh Sharakhnetov, the Vice President of Uzbekistan Tourism Administration expressed his warm welcome to the team and said the local attendees to the promotional event gained a better understanding of the unique charms of Hainan that were on offer. He stated, “Hainan’s tourism offerings are a great draw for Uzbekistan travelers. We hope to work further with Hainan’s tourism authorities and tourism service providers, especially in facilitating the visa entry for Uzbekistan travelers and customizing multi-destination tourism products.




During the meeting, the Hainan delegation was discussing tourism management and travel marketing with local authorities and experts to make a more efficient plan in marketing Sanya as a tourism destination in Uzbekistan.