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Traditional German breads baked at InterContinental Sanya Resort

Updated: 2017-02-24 10:33:12


Purchasing a traditional German bread will become easier in Sanya as InterContinental Sanya Resort is offering an extensive selection of authentic German breads. Now, bread lovers can have real bread without having to leave China.




Hailing from Germany, the executive chef Lucas Lommatzsch takes great pride in his breads. His pastry team is now presenting an array of traditional, wholesome German breads made with the freshest ingredients.




Guests can taste freshly made German breads at the Beer Factory and the Hai Lounge. The tempting selection of treats crafted by chef Lucas includes old fashion baguettes, Hazelnut bread, sunflower seed bread, rye bread, Kraftkorn, toast white, whole meal, and toast brown.


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Choose your favorite German bread:

Old fashion baguette — RMB19
Toast white ————– RMB 25
Whole meal ————- RMB 30
Toast brown ————- RMB 30
Kraftkorn —————– RMB 39
Rye bread —————- RMB 39
Hazelnut bread ———- RMB 39
Sunflower seed bread – RMB 39


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