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Good jobs! The warriors on the streets of Sanya

Updated: 2016-08-29 14:08:11


Known for its coastal location and diverse tropical culture, Sanya is being visited by flocks of tourists from home and abroad every year. People engaged in different fields around the city are dedicated to making sure the tropical destination remains most livable and pleasant place for locals and tourists to visit.


These good people include sanitation workers, security guards, urban infrastructure workers, etc. They possess high moral character and a strong sense of duty. Here are some accounts of their latest exemplary deeds.


Hu Huanyu 胡环宇
Urban Infrastructure Maintainer



Hu Huanyu is a cleaner from the Water Supply Station of the Sanya Phoenix International Airport. His act of braving torrential rains in order to remove obstacles from ditches and pipes has deeply moved the people of Sanya.


On August 19th, Sanya experienced heavy rainfall caused by the Typhoon Dianmu. Many roads and streets in the downtown area were flooded. Without worrying about his own safety, Hu headed into the water to clear out obstacles blocking the pipes, allowing traffic on nearby roadways to return to normal.




Internet users who learned of Hu’s brave actions were moved by his sense of responsibility and professionalism.


Lan Xiumei 兰秀梅
Sanitation Worker




When an absent-minded passenger left his bag at an airport departure hall, a kind-hearted cleaning staff member, Lan Xiumei, found the bag stuffed with cash, computers, and other valuable items and took it straight to the authorities.


After learning that his bag had been found, the bag’s owner flew back to Sanya the next day with a flag of appreciation. He said that he was overwhelmed by Lan Xiumei’s kindness.


As a tourist destination, it is very common to see such kind of people in Sanya being decent and honest in the city. Lan Xiumei is just one of the instances of people praised for their honesty and good deeds.


Liu Yongjun 刘勇军
Security Guard




Liu Yongjun is a security guard from the Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park. He helped retrieve a Korean passenger’s smartphone that had been accidentally dropped into a 50-meter-deep gorge.


The incident occurred at a rope bridge across the gorge at around 9 a.m. on August 16th, when Liu was doing his regular patrols at the site. After receiving the assistance call, Liu immediately made his way to the area to help. After searching for more than an hour in the dense forest below the gorge, he found the lost smartphone and returned it to its owner.




“I can’t believe that I’ve been reunited with my lost phone. The phone contains many priceless memories of the Sanya trip and photos of the places we traveled,” said the Korean passenger, who was deeply impressed by the security guard’s behavior.