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It's juicy wax apple time in Sanya Nanlu Farm

Updated: 2018-05-10 19:34:54

It’s harvest season for wax apples at Nanlu Farm in Sanya’s Yazhou District. The wax apples are now at the peak of their juiciness, and their flavor and fragrance are their most intense. Visitors can eat wax apples to their hearts’ content at the First Sanya Wax Apple U-Pick Culture Festival, which is being held from May 7th to July 5th, 2018 at Nanlu Farm.


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Currently Nanlu Farm has a wax apple plantation area of over 66.7 hectares, and its annual wax apple output reaches over 1,100 tons.




During the festival, visitors can tour the orchards and pick wax apples. Local farmers will show visitors the best way to select and pick. Wax apples have a delightful crunch and are slightly fibrous. The fruit is very juicy, with a hint of rosewater and a mildly sour aftertaste, making it the perfect choice if you prefer your fruit not too sweet.




The wax apple industry is here not only to attract tourists; the industry also helps farmers increase their annual incomes. In recent years, local farmers and the government in Sanya have worked to grow high-quality wax apples for visitors to pick and purchase. Growers try to make sure that farming practices are environmentally friendly and the fruit is top quality.




Starting from May, the wax apples from Changshan Village, Yazhou District have been in great demand, attracting flocks of tourists who come to pick the fresh fruit.


Aside from wax apples, the orchard also has several tropical fruit planting zones for papaya, jackfruit, and passion fruit.


First Sanya Wax Apples U-Pick Culture Festival

Date: May 7th to July 5th, 2018

Price: RMB76/kg

Tel: +86-133 2202 9277

Address: Nanlu Farm, Changshan Village, Yazhou District, Sanya 三亚市崖州区长山村南鹿农庄