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Mandatory 'no-questions-asked' return policy at Hainan's stores

Updated: 2019-04-08 15:51:20

The Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and the Hainan Provincial Consumer Council recently jointly issued new “Guidelines for the Return of Goods No-questions-asked in Physical Stores in Hainan Province (Trial).” The policy will be implemented in physical stores throughout the province.


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The guideline explicitly stipulates that operators of physical stores should determine specific product ranges (with specific guidelines and for a certain range of items) that their stores will allow consumers to return no-questions-asked. Store operators should also determine the valid period for return of goods (not to be less than seven days), and the conditions for return of goods (goods should be intact and in a condition that will not affect resale).


Store operators who promise to allow consumers to return goods no-questions-asked should publicly display that guarantee in prominent positions on their websites and business premises. Consumers who choose to return goods should request the service by showing a receipt or other proof-of-purchase within the time period promised by the operator.


If the goods were delivered by the store, the valid period is calculated from the day the consumer received the goods; if the goods were picked up by the consumer, the valid period is calculated from the day the store issued the receipt. The condition of the goods to be returned must not affect resale for the goods to qualify for return.


Store operators have the right to refuse to accept returns if it is found that the consumer purchased the goods not for his/her own living needs, or if the transaction violates the principle of good faith, or in the event of malicious intent.


At present, some physical stores in Sanya have already established a working mechanism for return of goods for any/no reason.


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