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New Observation Tower in Yazhou, an iconic building of Sanya

Updated: 2017-05-09 10:37:26


Construction of an 85-meter-tall tower building is underway in Yazhou District. The tower building, which resembles a large zun, an ancient Chinese wine vessel, is named “Siluzhita” / 丝路之塔, which means, literally, “Silk Road Tower.”


Located in the mouth of Ningyuan River near Yazhou Central Fishing Port, the tower building will reach a construction floor area of 8,561 square meters. And it will occupy a ground area of 19,727 square meters.




It is projected to become a new landmark in Yazhou District, with perfect location overlooking the Yazhou Bay.


The building will be 95 meters tall, with white and blue in color. The building’s internal frame is composed of eight large concrete piles to form the octagonal structure. The tower is is shaped like a zun, an ancient Chinese wine vessel, with an outer skin consisting of  glass facades. Besides, a series of statues and images from ancient Chinese legends, myths and culture will be featured at its outdoor square.


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The design of the China Zun building was inspired by an ancient Chinese wine vessel. The building will serve a variety of functions, serving as both a beacon for ships at South China Sea and a tourist destination.


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The building’s top floor will function as a sightseeing platform, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the Yazhou District.