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Online APP electric car sharing services come to Sanya

Updated: 2017-04-25 17:45:15

An app-based car-sharing company is providing a new service in Sanya – a electric car-sharing car rental program that promises to provide another economical, sustainable transportation option in the city.




The app, called Xiao Er Zu Che (小二租车), allows users to search for available cars in the area,and unlock their selected car with their smartphone. When drivers are done with the car, theycan return the car to any approved parking location in the city.




How to register to rent the cars?


Download Xiao Er Zu Che APP (小二租车) and complete real name authentication


* Real-name authentication: You’ll need to upload a picture of your Chinese driver’s license for authentication.


Once you complete real-name authentication, the app will show you available cars nearby and guide you to your chosen vehicle.


After finding your selected car, use the app to unlock it. To end your trip and return the car, you can just park the car at any approved parking space in the city. It is free!


Types of cars

KANDI, JAC, and BAIC are among the three types of electric vehicles used by the car-sharing services.



Deposit: RMB 500

Users have to pay a deposit of RMB 500 before renting. The amount will be fully refunded as long as users can’t damage the car and don’t commit any traffic violations while using the car.

1. Four-seat cars:

RMB 0.1 RMB (starting fee) plus RMB 0.2 per minute plus RMB 0.4 per km

2. Five-seat cars:

RMB 0.1 RMB (starting fee) plus RMB 0.25 per minute plus RMB 0.4 per km

Currently, there are 317 electric cars available for use and 58 service charging stations at scenic spots, universities, and select hotels.