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Sanya opens 11th English corner for holistic tourism initiative

Updated: 2019-01-11 12:20:54



A new Sanya Holistic Tourism English Corner was established at Sanya Dolphin Sports Bar and Grill on January 6th, 2019. The new English corner is the 11th of its kind to be set up in the city. The event was organized with the goal of helping promote Sanya’s holistic tourism environment.




The launch ceremony featured attendance by 40 English learners as well as Mr. Wang Gelin, Vice Director of the Supervision Department of the Sanya Tourism Development Commission; Mr. Deng Yongbo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Sanya Tourism Association; and Mr. David Taylor, a teacher representative of the holistic tourism units.


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The initiative aims to improve the English level in Sanya as part of the city’s effort to develop into an international seaside boutique tourist resort and a demonstration area for holistic tourism.


Currently, there are 11 such English corners across the city. The other 10 English corners are located at Haicheng Bookstore (Xinfeng Street Branch), Zhongliao Village, Linwang Tourism Area, Wuzhizhou Island, Fengxinglong Park, Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot, Haitang Bay International Duty Free Shopping Complex, Resort Intime Sanya, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, and the Haitang Bay Huizhi Social Work Service Center.


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Sanya is working to develop into a world-class coastal tourist city. The English corners held throughout the city will help with the healthy development of Sanya’s tourism industry and help to develop Sanya’s holistic tourism environment.


In addition to the English corners, the Sanya government has also launched practical English training classes that train workers in Sanya’s government departments, enterprises, and institutional organizations, with the aim of improving their English levels and thereby better servicing international tourists and helping to shape the reputation of a “Friendly Sanya” on the international stage.


Hainan to promote foreign language learning islandwide by 2025


On January 9th, 2019, the Hainan provincial government published an action plan for foreign languages learning on the island as it gears up to develop into an international free trade zone (port).


As a free trade zone (port), Hainan plays a pivotal role in China’s opening-up drive and in the Belt and Road Initiative. The plan is aimed at improving language competence and communicative skills for employees in government bodies, schools, media, and public agencies in Hainan. The languages to be promoted include English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and French.


According to the plan, English teaching in primary and middle schools will be subject to reforms with a focus on teaching methods and English listening and speaking ability. Primary and middle schools are encouraged to teach a second foreign language other than English. By 2025, English teaching programs will be stepped up at the first and second grades, as well as at public kindergartens in all the cities and counties in the province.

Hainan will launch a series of preferential policies to attract high-level foreign language talents as well as recruit teachers from overseas to help the island develop into a pilot international free trade zone (port). Websites for government and public agencies will offer different language versions. By 2020, multi-language public signs will be set up in all major public areas across the island.