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Sanya River banks to receive full ecological wetland park

Updated: 2018-06-27 10:51:59



A state-level wetland park, the Sanya River National Wetland Park, will be built along the Sanya River in Sanya. The new park will help to ensure a favorable ecological environment and sustainable development conditions for the city’s coastal tourism market.


According to the plan, the Sanya River National Wetland Park will cover an area of 1.23 square kilometers, and will be divided into two parts — the Sanya East River Area and the Sanya West River Area. The park will link many wetlands together, including Dong’an Wetland Park, Mangrove Tree Ecological Park, and the eastern and western wetland areas of the Sanya River.


Dong’an Wetland Park





The Dong’an Wetland Park is located in Jiyang District, adjacent to Jinjiling and Fenghuang Road to the west and Sanya East River to the east. The wetland park covers an area of about 668,000 square meters, making it the largest freshwater wetland park in the city


Mangrove Tree Ecological Park





Located at the north of Hailuo Road, opposite the Sanya Tropical Orchard, the park focuses on the protection of the mangrove forests and biological diversity.


Under the plan, the wetland park development project will be divided into five functional zones: a special conservation zone, a restoration zone, a scientific education zone, an urban utilization zone, and a comprehensive management zone.


Construction is expected to kick off at the end of 2018.


The national wetland park will aim to serve as a hub for leisure and relaxation for the public as well as a favorable environment for aquatic plants and animals. In addition, a part of the park will be reserved for scientific research.