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Sanya sets up 'smart tourism monitoring system' to find its edge

Updated: 2017-10-11 12:01:18

The Sanya Internationalization Tourism Monitoring System has issued three consecutive monthly reports and a quarterly report since it was put into service in July, 2017.


The monitoring system is operated by the Sanya Tourism Association under the guidance of the Sanya Tourism Development Commission.



The first quarterly report gives a comparative analysis of main tourism operating indicators in Sanya and 11 other internationally renowned tropical seaside tourist destinations, including Phuket Island, Guam, Denpasar, Maldives, Nha Trang, Cancun, Miami, Honolulu, Mallorca, the Gold Coast, and Langkawi.


Visitors to the Sanya Resident and Visitor Information Center can learn about the regularly updated results of the monitoring system on two large digital screens in the Smart Sanya area. The upper screen shows key tourism operating indicators in Sanya and the other 11 tropical seaside tourist destinations. The data points on display include average hotel room prices, international air ticket prices per 1,000 km, consumer price index (CPI), the number of international passengers by air, and the number of large-scale international conferences, exhibitions, and big events. The lower digital screen displays a map of international air routes running between Sanya and overseas destinations for the current month, giving visitors a direct understanding of how Sanya tourism has developed and expanded in the global tourism market.



Since it was established, the monitoring system has provided real-time data to support Sanya’s goal of raising its international profile. The system is expected to help Sanya build itself into a world-class seaside tourist destination.


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