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Sanya to add more public restrooms in the city in 2020

Updated: 2020-05-12 14:26:45

To further improve the city’s tourism environment, the Sanya government is working to speed the construction and renovation of more public toilets for tourists and residents this year.




The city has launched the “Public Restroom Alliance” project. “The Public Restroom Alliance is an important measure to accelerate the toilet revolution in Sanya, encouraging the government buildings, state-owned companies, restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels, among other locations to open their restrooms for free to help resolve residents’ and tourists’ inconvenience in finding public toilets in the city, as so to improve Sanya’s tourism service quality,” said Wang Feifei, Deputy Director of the Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau.




A reward scheme has been set up for enterprises who join the “Public Restroom Alliance.” A reward of RMB 10,000 will be given to enterprises annually for each restroom that meets the requirements of the “Public Restroom Alliance.” The rewards will be given as subsidies to enterprises for their daily management and maintenance of the “public restrooms” as they are part of city public services.




A total of RMB 690,000 was allocated to enterprises for promoting the “Public Restroom Alliance” in 2019.




Currently, nine public restrooms have been built and refurbished in the city. Sixty-five units have been included in the “Public Restroom Alliance,” offering 107 restrooms in total. Of those, 19 units are newly added to the “Public Restroom Alliance” this year, offering 25 public restrooms. These toilets will be funded by the municipal government with the aim of reaching standardization in public facilities.