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Sanya to build 10,000 public rental housing units for tourism talent

Updated: 2016-09-05 11:49:22

housingConceptual design of Sanya’s public housing project in Jiyang District


The municipal government of Sanya recently unveiled a new plan to allow more talented individuals to apply for public rental houses. The plan aims to provide a sound living environment for those individuals.


The talent development base will be located northeast of Jiyang District in Sanya, covering a planned land area of 742,500 square meters. Upon its completion, it will provide 10,594 units of public housing that can accommodate 43,400 people.


The housing project will be built in two phases. The first phase will occupy a construction area of 330,000 square meters and provide 4,690 housing units to 15,000 people. It will be put into use in June, 2017.


There are two types of application proceedings – enterprise application (for staff dormitory) and individual application.


According to the new plan, tourism-oriented enterprises with capital registered above RMB 10 million are eligible to apply for the public rental houses.


Individual employees who apply for the public rental housing are required to meet the following conditions:

1. They must possess a bachelor’s degree or above, or professional technical titles;

2. They must work in the tourism sector, or have a spouse working in the tourism sector;

3. They must have previously worked at a tourism-oriented enterprise for more than one year and have participated in national social insurance.