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Sanya to spend 1.68b on roads & bridges to ease city traffics

Updated: 2017-03-15 14:31:08

This year, Sanya will invest 1.68 billion yuan on ten road projects and five bridge projects in an effort to ease traffic bottlenecks and pressure in Sanya’s central urban area, according to a government meeting on March 10th, 2017.



Three hundred million yuan will be spent to build Chunguang Bridge (春光桥), broaden Kaifeng Bridge (凯丰桥), and reconstruct the Sanya Bridge (三亚大桥), the No. 2 Bridge on Fenghuang Road (凤凰路二号桥), and Danzhou Bridge (丹州桥).



Main roads in Sanya’s eastern and western urban areas are linked by the Sanya Bridge and the Chaojian Bridge. They serve as a passage connecting the Hainan Eastern Ring High-speed Railway and Sanya city center.


However, the Sanya Bridge has been in service for nearly 50 years and has been found to have potential safety concerns. Hence, the government has decided to reconstruct the bridge.


In addition, 1.38 billion yuan will be spent on 10 road projects, involving a total road length of 24.4 kilometers. The 10 road projects include Dong’an Zhong Road (东岸中路), Dong’an Zhongxin Road (东岸中心路), Tiegui Xi Road (铁轨西路), the extension of Lizhigou Road (Xueyuan Road to Yingbin Road) (荔枝沟路延伸段(学院路至迎宾路)), Xueyuan Road (学院路), municipal roads around the Hongsen Hospital (哈医大鸿森医院周边市政道路) and Hainan Tropical Ocean University (热带海洋学院周边规划市政道路), and the extension of Shuijiao Road, Huixin Road (水蛟路延长段), and Zongsan Road (纵三路).



These road projects are expected to improve the accessibility of road networks and ease traffic pressure on Sanya’s main and subsidiary roads.