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Sanya's plan to build global headquarters economy & CBD

Updated: 2018-11-21 13:11:42



The planning and design of Sanya’s headquarters economy and CBD boot area was unveiled on November 17th, 2018, according to the Sanya Planning Committee.


The 8.95-square-kilometer boot area will be built in four clusters, at Phoenix Coast, Yuechuan Area, East Coast, and Hailuo. The clusters will help to develop a large consumer business circle and a headquarters economy.



General conceptual design of the Sanya’s CBD boot area


In terms of spatial structure, the new zones will consist of an international business axis along Yingbin Road, which will be home to the headquarters of internationally well-known enterprises and organizations. A Sanya Bay culture and art coastal belt will integrate free trade services, consumer business circles, and cruise liner and yachting functions.


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Phoenix Coast Boot Area


Yuechuan Boot Area


Hailuo Boot Area


East Coast Boot Area


Additionally, a landscape corridor will take shape to link up Luhuitou Park, Linchun Ridge, Phoenix Ridge, Jinji (Gold Rooster) Ridge, the Sanya River, the Linchun River, East Coast Wetland Park, and Hailuo Urban Green Belt.



Hailuo Urban Green Belt


The heights of buildings along Phoenix Coast will be controlled to preserve the view of the sea. The Sanya Bay city skyline will consist of a mixture of old and newly built urban buildings alongside the area’s mountains and coast.


According to the plan, the boot areas will use light colors and dark shadows to highlight a simple but modern cityscape.


Note: The photos above are sourced from the Sanya Planning Committee.