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Wuzhizhou Island's mass coral spawning captured by film crew

Updated: 2017-04-18 17:38:56

One of the most remarkable natural phenomena of the underwater world — the annual mass coral spawning — is taking place in the sea around Wuzhizhou Island.


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On April 16th, a CCTV crew visited Wuzhizhou Island to film a documentary named “Marine Discovery in China.” The crew went diving every midnight for three days and witnessed and filmed the first account of this amazing underwater show in the sea.




This coral spawning involved the acropora species, a group of common hard corals. The event occurs only a few nights every year.


Mass spawning is a nocturnal phenomenon of synchronized reproduction, wherein coral colonies release their gametes — eggs and sperm — simultaneously in large quantities over a short period of time, in order to maximize chances of fertilization.


Wuzhizhou Island is China’s first tropical sea ranching pilot site. Since May 2011, the local government has invested more than RMB 38.32 million in the construction of 21 ship-shaped coral reefs and over 1,400 artificial reefs and sank them in the shallow coastal waters of Wuzhizhou Island.




The occurrence of mass coral spawning in the Wuzhizhou Island sea has magnificent implications for the project, which is the result of considerable joint efforts by Wuzhizhou Island operators and the local government working together to create a sustainable habitat for marine creatures.