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14% increase in Sanya revenues over 2018 National Day holiday

Updated: 2018-10-08 15:57:54

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Sanya received a total of 713,000 visitors during the 2018 National Day holiday, up 4.45 percent year-on-year. The tourist arrivals included 591,800 overnight tourists and 121,200 one-day visitors. Tourism revenue reached RMB 4.778 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14.14 percent.


Hotel Room Occupancy Rate

The hotel room occupancy rate across the city averaged 69.11 percent, (accounting for the fact that the number of hotel rooms across the city has increased 4.94 percent year-on-year).


The average hotel room rates and average hotel occupancy rates in four major bays and the downtown area:


Yalong Bay (RMB1,500; 74.68 percent)

Haitang Bay (RMB1545; 70.87 percent)

Sanya Bay (RMB570; 72.86 percent)

Dadonghai (RMB 570; 71.01 percent)

Downtown area (RMB375 ; 57.65 percent)


Tourist arrivals at 8 major scenic spots



Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone


Elevated see-thru skywalk at Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park


Eight major scenic spots in Sanya together received a total of 630,400 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 15.41 percent. Among the eight major scenic spots, Nanshan Tourism Culture Zone received 129,900 tourists, up 1.19 percent year-on-year; Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot received 88,300 tourists, dropped 8.94 percent year-on-year; Wuzhizhou Island received 61,000 tourists, dropped 4.26 percent year-on-year; Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park received 99,600 tourists, up 95.11 percent year-on-year; Sanya Romance Park received 194,200 tourists, up 25.48 percent year-on-year; West Island received 15,900 tourists, dropped 10.25 percent year-on-year; Luhuitou Park Scenic Spot received 24,500 tourists, up 30.47 percent year-on-year; and Dongtian Park received 17,000 tourists, up 14.49 percent year-on-year.


Air & rail passenger throughput




Further, from September 30th to October 6th, the city handled 652,800 passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 2.61 percent.


During the same period, the Sanya Phoenix International Airport operated a total of 2,292 flights and passenger throughput reached 381,100.


Among them, 1,146 flights landed at Sanya Airport, up 0.17 percent year-on-year, bringing 192,100 passengers, dropped 0.81 percent year-on-year. 67 international flights arriving at the airport, up 24.07 percent year-on-year.


Meanwhile, a total of 1,146 flights departed from Sanya Airport, dropped 0.09 percent year-on-year, transporting 189,000 passengers, dropped 0.02 percent year-on-year. 69 international flights departing from the airport, up 23.21 percent year-on-year.


The Sanya Railway Station saw 271,700 passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 5.53 percent.


Domestic and Int’l Tourist Arrivals


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From September 30th to October 6th, 2018, the top five source provinces or cities for domestic visitors to Sanya were Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Chongqing. As for tourist arrivals from overseas countries and regions, the top five sources were Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Taiwan.


Tourist Arrivals at Rural Scenic Spots

Sanya’s major rural attractions received 51,700 visitors during the holiday period. Statistics for the three rural spots are as follows: Zhongliao Village received 21,400 visitors; Yalong Bay Rose Valley received 19,000 visitors and Haitang Bay Rice Paddy Park received 9,300 visitors.