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Add chili salt to tropical fruits salad, a Sanya speciality

Updated: 2017-08-01 14:01:54


Due to Sanya’s tropical climate and abundant rainfall, the fruit sold here is among the most diverse and delicious to be found anywhere. Sanya’s tropical fruits are famous for their heady fragrances, ripe colors, and succulent flavors.


The abundance of colorful fruits helps brighten Sanya’s busy streets. All year long on almost every street corner, one can see street vendors selling sliced fruits such as raw mangoes, green guavas, and ripe yellow pineapples in glass display cases, accompanied by chili salt seasoning.


The natural sweetness and sourness of the fruits combines with the chili salt to produce a powerful, unique flavor. The salt sharpens the fruits’ natural sweetness and the chili livens up the tartness.




For a reasonable price, the vendor will take the fruit out from the glass boxes and place it in a plastic bag for you. Each serving comes with a choice of a sprinkle of salt and chili powder (sometimes the vendors provide local yellow chili sauce), giving you a true taste of Sanya.


In Sanya, it’s currently mango and pineapple season, and green mangoes with chili-salt make for a refreshing starter for a hot summer meal.

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Next time you’re in Sanya, don’t forget to grab a serving of tropical fruit with chili salt and discover just how versatile, flashy, and delicious this treat can be, while enjoying the natural scenery in the city.