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Atlantis Sanya hosts nationwide search for female lead actress of “Love at Atlantis”

Updated: 2018-05-30 09:09:49


Atlantis Sanya hosted a press conference to announce the nationwide search for the lead actress of Love at Atlantis. The film is a collaboration between Shangyou Bazaar Co., Ltd. and Huadi Film Co., Ltd. Love at Atlantis will mark the rise of Sanya’s own film industry to international prominence. It is directed by Zhang Jinghong and written by Ma Hongtao, while the script is written by Ma Honglu and the film will premier in Sanya by yearend.


As an international tourist city located on the tropical island of Hainan, Sanya plays an important role in the development of Hainan and serves as a standard-bearer for the rest of the island. However, Sanya has yet to build a mature and advanced film and television industry to promote the uniqueness of both the city and the island. Love at Atlantis will be the first movie to reverse this trend and help Sanya to develop its own world-class movie industry.


Love at Atlantis is also Hainan’s first independent investment highlighting Hainan’s natural romantic settings in film and fully demonstrates the capabilities of local Hainanese film studios. Under the backdrop of a new Free Trade Zone and opening-up policy, the filmmakers are fully confident that the film will be able to compete in China’s huge commercial film market and embody the Hainanese spirit through the film.


The Phoenix, a mythological creature of great importance in Chinese culture, is presented as a recurring theme throughout Love at Atlantis. Not only does this legendary bird tie in heavily to the story of Love at Atlantis, but also many locations in the film—including Phoenix Village, Phoenix Island, and Phoenix Valley in Sanya—connect the film’s story to the mythology surrounding the Phoenix.


The film distinguishes itself from other romance movies by incorporating more elements of affection and friendship. With a backdrop of the past three decades of development in Hainan, it showcases the personal dreams and aspirations of the protagonists and how they are affected by China’s rapid economic progress. Love at Atlantis expresses the toughness and tenacity of local Hainanese people and their love for China despite undergoing difficult and hard times, and who ultimately come to embody the saying “there is always more to love in life”.


Love at Atlantis is conducting an international search for an entertaining, talented and energetic female lead. This role will extend far beyond acting, as the final winner of this search will go on to become an ambassador for the city of Sanya, participating in various promotional and modeling activities to boost tourism on the island. With the full support of the local government, Sanya and numerous high-end brands are cooperating to provide strong dividends for the tourism and cultural industry in Sanya.


The selection process is divided into the Hainan selection (at Atlantis Sanya on June 7th) and the nationwide finals (at Atlantis Sanya on June 16th). The selection process is as follows:

1.A total of 20 finalists will be selected.

2.The top five finalists will receive an opportunity to audition for the female lead.

3.The remaining 15 contestants will be given the opportunity for special performances.

4.The top 20 winners can all obtain contracts for follow-up films in the Island of Love series.

5.The top 20 winners will all be named “Sanya Tourism Ambassadors” and issued the corresponding certificates.

6.The top five will be invited to participate in large-scale tourism promotions, and movie shoots organized by the Sanya Tourism Commission, the Sanya Travel Association and the film crews in Cambodia.

7.The top 20 winners will participate in tourism promotional activities in cities across the country before the release of the film.


Sanya was the destination of choice for filming Love at Atlantis with many scenes being shot at Atlantis Sanya resort, representing all high-end tourism projects and resources in the city. As a romantic movie, viewers can expect plenty of beautiful and starry-eyed scenes throughout the film, as well as an attempt at breaking a Guinness World Record. The script further calls for filming in Angkor Wat in Cambodia, adding to the sense of excitement and wonder ahead of its launch. The international post-production team will highlight the advantages of Sanya as a tropical wedding destination, promoting the wedding industry throughout the island in order to bring high-profile stars to the island to hold world-class weddings set against the backdrop of a tropical paradise.


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