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Enjoy rural tourism, visit national top rated villages in Sanya

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:56:13



Sanya is stepping up efforts to court more tourists, pushing ecological and leisure tourism to counter Sanya’s popular coastal appeal.


In recent years, Sanya has worked to build more model rural sites and popularize the natural charms of the rural attractions scattered across the city.


According to the Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Commission, there are 4 rural scenic spots in Sanya that have been confirmed as Hainan rural tourism model sites this year.


The four rural tourism model sites in Sanya include:


Sanya Little Fish Hotspring in Shuijiao Village
三亚小鱼温泉 (水蛟村)
Zhongliao Village
Baolong Forest Park in Baolong Village
三亚抱龙森林公园 (抱龙村)
Yongmao Ecological Park in Nanding Village
三亚永茂生态园 (南丁村)


Besides, as part of the growing rural tourism program, two villages in Sanya have been included among a new batch of “national civilized villages.” The villages on the list are Zhongliao Village in Jiyang District and Beishan Village in Haitang District.

Within the city’s boundaries are a range of rural attractions, new and old, along with picturesque natural scenery and well-kept cultural traditions. Sanya is diversifying its agro-tours, which offer not only home stays but also well-designed trips to Sanya’s most unique rural sites.


Zhongliao Village 中廖村



Located in northern Sanya’s Jiyang District, Zhongliao Village has become a hot destination for visitors from home and abroad who love the countryside.




Visitors are welcomed by the village’s natural ocean scenery, organic vegetables and seafood, as well as the characteristic hospitality of the Li ethnic people.




The village also features a number of catering facilities, inns, restaurants, and cafes that meet the varied demands of tourists.


Beishan Village 北山村




Beishan Village features a slow-paced country lifestyle with Li ethnic characteristics.




Here, you can observe rural farmers’ daily lives, enjoy various tropical plants, fish at the lakeside, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits.




The village provides an ideal escape from the bustling city, helping visitors relax and refresh. The villagers are enthusiastic and friendly.


Binglang Village 槟榔村




Binglang Village is located at northeastern of Fenghuang Township in Sanya. There are more than 5,000 Li people living at the village, which was named one of the national ecological civilized villages in 2009.




With quiet, leafy village lanes, wandering farm animals, cheery locals, verdant paddy fields and colorful orchid farms this area is a beautiful place to spend a day. For the full experience visit the museum for some culture and education and then head to the Li restaurant to sample some local dishes. Try their hotpot and the Shanlan rice wine, both Li specialties and unique to Sanya.




The rustic setting along with professional service makes this is a great place to have a meal, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and warmth of the Li people.