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Go-karting at Binglanggu Valley, Hainan

Updated: 2020-05-20 16:23:29

Few fun weekend activities are more exhilarating than speeding around a track in a go-kart in a race with your friends. Now you’ve got the perfect place to get that special adrenaline rush: the Go-karting Club at Binglanggu Valley opened on May 16th, 2020!


The Go-karting Club at Binglanggu Valley is the first large-scale outdoor go-karting project constructed around original ecological rural scenery in China. The venue features two kinds of tracks — a fast-paced “Jade Rabbit” track and a slow-paced “Golden Tortoise” track. The two racetracks stretch a total length of two kilometers, with numerous straights, twists, and turns.




The club features nine different themed sections: Lotus Pond, Animation Park, Sky Garden, Sandao Bay Turns, Flying Car, Fruit Garden, Fairy Dreams, Bird Paradise, and Bamboo Forest.


Aside from the go-kart track, the venue also offers a number of impressive amenities, such as a test-driving area, a teaching area, a cultural product display area, and a rest area where participants can fuel up.


The club is a great place where colleagues, friends and families can enjoy fun and challenging outings.


Go-karting at Binglanggu Valley



“Golden Tortoise” track: RMB 79 per person

“Jade Rabbit” track: RMB 89 per person


Binglanggu Valley 槟榔谷

Tel: + 86 898 – 3866 1116


WeChat ID: hainan-binglanggu

Address: Ganzaling Natural Reserve, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan / 海南保亭黎族苗族自治县甘什岭自然保护区内