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Hainan 'plain sliced' meats, popular poultry entrees in Sanya

Updated: 2017-07-13 15:53:51

In Sanya, people prefer to enjoy the cuisine which is lighter, less oily, and mildly seasoned.


Plain sliced meat dishes, referred to with the adjective baiqie in Chinese (白切, “white sliced”), are popular in Sanya. The dish is prepared by not adding any other flavors and boiling the meat in water only to preserve its softness and tenderness and then sliced. The meat tastes fresh and light, bringing out its original flavor.


The Hainan-style dipping sauce prepared alongside the meat is the critical part of these “white sliced” dishes. Mashed garlic, soy sauce, Hainan yellow chili, and lime juice are important ingredients on the tables of restaurants in Sanya. These are the ingredients most commonly paired with baiqie meats in Sanya.



Here are three must-try plain sliced meats popular in Sanya:

Wenchang Chicken 白切文昌鸡


Wenchang Chicken, named after its place of origin, Wenchang City, is one of the “four iconic Hainan dishes.” Plain-slicing is the most traditional way to prepare Wenchang Chicken. This preparation method can capture the original flavor and taste of Wenchang Chicken: its freshness, tenderness, and fine texture.


You won’t have to look far in Sanya for this signature dish — many Chinese restaurants feature it on their menus.


Huangliu Duck 白切黄流老鸭


Huangliu Duck originates from Huangliu Town, Ledong County in Hainan. Huangliu Duck is a fairly new dish that has recently gained popularity among Sanya locals. Huangliu Duck has an original flavor and the skin is tender and has a mouth-watering aroma.

In Sanya, the restaurants on Shengli Road, Jixing Road and Xinfeng Road cook the best sliced Huangliu duck. The Guangming Huangliu Duck Restaurant (光明黄流老鸭店) on Shengli Road is the most famous one among locals.

Hot-spring Goose 白切温泉鹅肉


This dish comes from the Wanquan River in Qionghai City in Hainan. Local villages there raise this local hybrid species of goose and feed it a special diet.


The well-fed, home-bred goose is delicious, with tender and succulent meat, flaky skin, and bones that have grown soft after a long steaming process. The dish has some fat but is not greasy.


Yue Mei Xiang Restaurant (悦美香温泉鹅饭店) on Youyi Road one of the most popular eateries that offers this famous dish in Sanya.