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It's Mango time in Sanya! Find the varieties, and taste yourself

Updated: 2018-04-10 17:01:00

It’s Mango season in Sanya!



Mango is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich tropical fruits with unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and heath promoting qualities, making it numero-uno among new functional foods, often labeled as “super fruits.”


Sanya, located in a tropical area with an annual average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day, is well known as the best cultivation area to grow mangoes in China.


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Currently Sanya City has a mango plantation area of over 25,000 hectares, and its annual mango output reaches over 560,000 tons, covering more than 10 mango varieties.


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The main mango season in Sanya runs from early February until June. Sanya’s mangoes are sold across all provinces in China and exported to overseas markets such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Russia.


Popular mango varieties in Sanya:


台农芒 Tainung No.1 Mango


Tainung Tainung1 Tainung2

贵妃芒 Guifei Mango


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金煌芒 JinHwang Mango


Jinwang Jinhwang

红象牙芒 Red Ivory Mango


red ivory1 red ivory

绿芒果Green Mango


green mango1 green mango2

澳芒 Kiett Mango


aomang1 Aomang

鸡蛋芒 Hainan Egg Mango


Egg Mango2 Egg Mango

吕宋芒 Luzon Mango


Luzon Luzon1

苹果芒 Apple Mango


Apple1 Apple