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Qingtang Village of Haitang Bay, a great family getaway in Sanya

Updated: 2017-05-10 14:03:01

Looking for a place to spend some quality time with your kids over the weekend? Qingtang Village in Haitang District, Sanya is a great place to enjoy cheerful, educational family fun.




Located in south-central Haitang District, Qingtang Village officially opened to the public at the end of April. It is the first family-oriented village on Hainan Island.


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Like many garden-like villages in Sanya, Qingtang Village features lush vegetation and a wide range of entertainment options designed for children.


Highlights of entertainment facilities in the village include

- An animal farm
- A fruit-picking garden
- A handicrafts workshop
- An outward bound training playground adventure base for kids
- A kids CS experience center


Animal Farm



Handicrafts Workshop

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Outward Bound Training Playground Adventure Base for Kids


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As part of Sanya’s model tourism village program, Qingtang Village also serves as a teaching center that aims to educate children about the local wildlife, plants, and folk cultures and customs.


Getting to Qingtang Village:

Qingtang Village is located on Wanpo Road, Haitang District. After taking the Linwang express exit, continue along Wanpo Road; the village is 2.7 kilometers down the road. 青塘村位于三亚市海棠区湾坡路附近,距离林旺高速出口处沿湾坡路2.7公里