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Sanya releases bilingual white paper for tourism human resources development of 2017

Updated: 2018-04-25 16:06:00

Sanya released a white paper titled “White paper on Tourism Human Resources Development — Sanya 2017” with Chinese and English versions. The paper was released on April 24th, 2018.



Jointly published by the Sanya Human Resources Management Council, the Sanya Tourism Development Commission, and the Sanya Tourism Association, the paper provides the hospitality industry with ideas on what can be done to build a “Tourism Human Resources Sponge City” (some in the recruitment industry use the term “sponge city,” meaning a city that attracts talent in a particular field) for the cultivation of tourism talent in Sanya. The paper was written and released with the collaboration of government organizations and social enterprises.


The paper lists eight initiatives aimed at helping to develop and improve Sanya’s “Tourism Human Resource Governance”:


1. Organize a tourism human resources structure, and focus on “talent engine” development;
2. Satisfy tourism human resources development demands for different age groups;
3. Promote cultural confidence, and create a “Sanya Index”: a way to gauge city cultural competitiveness from a tourism human resources perspective;
4. Boost the development of a business incubator phrase II for “International Tourism Island” talented individuals;
5. Further engage the local work force in the tourism economy, seek to achieve “Common Prosperity”;
6. Encourage local companies to establish employer satisfaction evaluation systems;
7. Publish a “Sanya Tourism Human Resources Governance Index” ;
8. Integrate human resources development environment evaluation into administration assessment systems.


Sanya has been working to develop into a “Human Resources Sponge City” since the initiative was proposed in the “Tourism Human Resources Development White Papers of Sanya 2016.”


The new, 2017 white paper also suggests countermeasures to optimize and solve the structural and systemic problems faced by Sanya’s tourism human resources industry.


In addition, the paper gives an overview of the status of human resources in Sanya’s tourism industry. According to statistics, in 2017 there were 110,000 employees working in over 2,000 tourism businesses in Sanya, a year-on-year increase of 4.8 percent. Those employees accounted for 22.5 percent of Sanya’s residential employed population (aged between 16 and 60). Surveys show that female employees account for 52.8 percent of the employee group — 5.6 percent more than male employees. Compared with survey results from 2016, the portion of female employees dropped 1.2 percent. The average age of tourism employees was 29 in 2017.


The Chinese version and English version of the white paper can be downloaded at