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Sanya releases detailed plan to better use public beaches

Updated: 2017-09-05 14:17:47

The Sanya government recently released a detailed plan to regulate public beaches across the city. According to the plan, the city’s five public beaches, namely, Yazhou Bay, Sanya Bay, Dadonghai Beach, Yalong Bay, and Huanghou Bay, will be developed with distinctive functions.




Yazhou Bay will be developed into to a popular seaside resort in western Sanya. The public beach will cater to weekend holiday-goers, and will provide seafood square dining and water-themed leisure activities.


During the popular season, Yazhou Bay is designed to help relieve management and services pressure at Dadonghai Beach and Sanya Bay.




Sanya Bay will be developed into an attractive beach for residents and tourists alike with complete facilities featuring footpaths and gardens, public toilets, changing rooms, and showers. It will be designed as a safe bay for night swimming in the city.




Dadonghai Beach will take advantage of its location to develop a range of beach leisure and water sports activities and foster a tourist service chain that links dining, shopping, and entertainment services for locals and tourists. The beach will strive to be one of the most influential 4A seaside attractions in the city in the future.


yalong bay


Yalong Bay will be developed to show the regional charms of the ocean, the area’s greenery, and its resort clusters, providing visitors with exquisite leisure holiday experiences.




Huanghou Bay will be equipped with a range of supporting facilities to serve tourists staying at Haitang Bay as well as self-guided visitors.